Fighting to bring decency back to our sweatshirt at a time

About Us

The 2016 election was troublesome. Of the many reasons, I was most troubled that one day I'd be forced to explain to my daughters that a man who talked blatantly about raping women and finding it fun, was voted to be our President. It turns out, this administration is even a bigger mess than we could have predicted. For example, who knew a President could go through FIVE secretaries of state in one term?!

For years I've contemplated what I can do to positively influence the 2020 election and remove Trump from office. As a lifetime start-up operator in e-commerce and consumer, the launch of is my effort to drive change. In January of this year, I gathered a team to make this idea a reality.

Our goal is twofold: to keep top of mind why Trump is unfit to be our President, and to support meaningful causes that the current administration undervalues.

The logo - a peace sign, with an "executive" cuff is aimed to be a universal signal of hope for the future of our country.

We've put many hours, late nights and early mornings into building this site and the product. Dozens of iterations later, we are excited to officially launch and help enact positive change in this country. 

Your support is appreciated, whole-heartedly.

Thank you,
Elle and the He's Fired 2020 team