Fighting to bring decency back to our sweatshirt at a time


How much of my purchase goes to charity?

20% of the total sale before tax and shipping will go to the charity. 

Example: Hoodie = $59.99, so $12 goes directly to the charity you choose at checkout. 

Where does the rest of the money go?

We do not pocket any money at this time. Any money left over from a sale is put right back into the business and promoting the message. We currently spend money on social media to get the word on the street. Also, turns out, it costs a lot to build a website (designers, copywriters, etc) and buy inventory, so we are working to recoup those costs as well. 

What is your affiliation with the charities to which you donate?

We have no direct affiliation with the charities to which we are donating sales. We just found them to be awesome people doing awesome things.

Can I get a tax write off?

We are unable to itemize your receipt for you at this time. Stay tuned. 

Where do you ship?
We ship anywhere in the beautiful United States. If you have an international shipping request, please contact us

Are there shipping options outside of USPS?
As of today, we do not. We've chosen to support the United States postal service.

Product Care
Please follow care instructions on tag. All apparel items are machine washable and pre-shrunk.